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Calm - Priime

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Guaranteed Relaxing Effect

Calm Priime, the synergy of organic essential oils for total serenity

Used properly, essential oils have countless virtues! Ariix™ offers you, in its Priime™ range, the synergy of essential oils Calm™. Its particularity? A handcrafted, organic and pesticide-free production, which guarantees you optimal efficiency.

Who uses Calm™, the synergy of relaxing essential oils?

Your overloaded daily life requires a serene interlude well-deserved. When you feel the need, take a few minutes to use the synergy Calm™. Sa organic artisanal compositionThe fact that it's additive and pesticide-free makes it your best ally in your daily life.

The natural compounds of Calm™ soothe your nerves under severe strain, and calms your pulse. That's why you have to take it everywhere! Relax, let yourself be wrapped in a sense of healing peace.

The targeted virtues of Calm™, for a natural fullness of nature

Essential oils are very powerful. They are derived from the very essence of flowers and plants with medicinal properties whose effectiveness is guaranteed. The synergy Calm™ is of a premium quality On the market, essential oils are rarely as pure as those offered by Ariix™.

This organic blend promises you a a moment of relaxation for body and mind thanks to the natural active ingredients of lavenderof valerianof néroli and Damascus rose.

Diversify the uses of Calm™ for complete and permanent relaxation.

To relax in a way quick and efficient thanks to the synergy Calm™ of our range Priime™, you have the choice. The uses of this soothing synergy are numerous.

  • in dermal application mixed with a few drops ofcarrier oillike our fractionated coconut oil, apply it on the areas of tension of your body, such as the wrists, neck, temples, or even the soles of your feet.
  • On air Calm™ is a synergy to be diffused especially in the bedroom: it is the room with the most conducive to rest and relaxation. In other areas of your home, Calm™ neutralizes effectively the smells unwanted.
  • In massage : Abandon yourself in a relaxing massageby mixing a drop from Calm™ to 5 drops of our coconut oil Priime™.

Tip : you want to carry the essence of Calm™ on you? Apply a few drops of this synergy on a cloth that you will put in the drum of your tumble dryer your clothes will instantly give you a nice feelingand for the whole day!

Use the essential oils from Calm™ wisely!

Be careful, essential oils require certain safety precautions. Experts advise against their use during the first trimester of pregnancy, but it is not contraindicated for the rest of the pregnancy. Nevertheless, we recommend that you ask your doctor for advice before using the synergy Calm™.

For children or the sensitive skinsIf you are using a coconut oil, always dilute one drop of Calm™ in 5 to 10 drops of carrier oil, such as our coconut oil Priime™. Do not swallow.

Why wait? Get the synergy Calm™ to install serenity in your daily life!

Calm™ is a 100% natural and organic wellness concentrate. A few drops of this blend of superior quality essential oils will give you a powerful feeling of relaxation. Each of us is, one day or another, confronted with stress.

Get your soothing remedy now, Calm™ accompanies you everywhere!