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Logo de la gamme Puritii, une gamme de produits ARIIX qui propose une gourde filtrante, un système de purification d'air et un agent nettoyant, désinfectant non toxique

PURITII, Santé et Propreté
Deviennent Éco-Responsable

Pour ARIIX, la nature est toute puissante.

C’est pourquoi nous développons nos produits dans le
respect maximal de la nature. Santé et écologie ne sont pas incompatibles. Puritii vous offre
l’exclusivité de sa recherche pour être en meilleure santé dans un environnement préservé.

Reconciling nature and humanity, a successful compromise at ARIIX

ARIIX uses the best components available and when they are present in nature, we collect them in a reasoned and responsible manner. Our formulas are all the more effective for your greatest satisfaction.

With the development of the Puritii range, ARIIX is once again aiming for excellence. Purity has become rare, we are taking up the challenge of restoring it so that your health is all the more radiant! Now it's up to you to see it by using our ARIIX products, the results are quickly visible because they act in a targeted and concentrated manner.

A pure and drinkable skin available anywhere and anytime. Not the one that drips directly from your tap, loaded with heavy metals and radioactive residues.

Drinking with ARIIX Puritii means choosing purity at
more than 99%. This real mobile water purifier removes all unwanted microscopic substances from your water, thanks to a 100% natural filter.
By choosing to equip yourself with the Puritii purifying flask, you are also choosing to spare the nature of 450 plastic bottles with each filter used. You can take this gourd everywhere, you no longer have an excuse not to take care of your health and the environment!

The WHO warns about indoor air pollution: it's not safe in your home, since invisible particles from products or daily activities can cause illnesses: from colds to cancer, from fatal cardiovascular disease to severe asthma.
ARIIX has developed an efficient, silent and economical solution: the Puritii air purifier you can use to purify the air in your home.
guarantees 99.9999% pure air thanks to 11 filtration stages that rid you of unwanted pathogens. You will feel much better at home. What's more, this revolutionary unit is guaranteed for life!

The Puritii Home Detox Sanitizer is perfect for disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing all surfaces. The Puritii Home Detox is an ARIIX - Nutrifii product

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Preserve your health by taking care of the environment with the filter bottle Puritii™ The water filtration system Puritii™ is much more than a filter bottle! If it is advisable to drink 1.5 L to 2 L As we drink more and more water every day, it is crucial that this...

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ARIIX presents the Puritii air purifier: finally breathe healthy air at home! "Indoor pollution is one of the greatest threats to human life. This is the sad statement of the World Health Organization. It is not a fatality! It is possible to purify your indoor air: ARIIX has developed the Puritii...

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Home Detox Sanitizer - Puritii - Produit Assainissant - produit ARIIX
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Puritii Home Detox Sanitizer ensures your safety and that of your family! Hospital grade disinfectant, Puritii Home Detox, kills 99.999% of viruses and bacteria. Use it as a solution to clean, disinfect and deodorize your home to protect you and your family.Puritii Home Detox is powerful yet safe - it is...